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Les chanteurs du Lycee
"Les Chanteurs Du Lycée"


es Chanteurs du Lycée, choir of the French school Lycée Franco Mexicain, was founded by its current directress Cristina Stevens in January 1992. Formed by students and alumni from ages seven through 25, it has reached a level of international quality. Its extensive repertoire comprises Gregorian chants and madrigals, baroque and classical pieces, as well as contemporary popular songs and musicals. The choir sings everything in its original language and by heart.

Over the years “Les Chanteurs” have performed in some of the most prestigious places in Mexico and around the world: In France, Notre-Dame of Paris (1994, 1999, 2005, 2008), the American Cathedral (1994), the cathedrals of Aix-en-Provence (1999), Rouen, Reims, and Chartres (2008); in San Francisco, Grace Cathedral and Menlo College (1995); in England, the Cathedrals of Liverpool, Birmingham, Norwich, and St. Paul’s (1996); in Spain, the cathedral of Barcelona (1999); in Italy, the Dome of Florence and San Marcos in Venice; in Austria, Salzburg’s Cathedral and Stephansdom in Vienna (1999, 2005); in Belgium, the cathedral of Antwerp, Sint Salvators Kathedraal, St. Aubain Cathedral in Namur, and St. Giles (2008). In México “Les Chanteurs” have sung in the Palace of Fine Arts (2000, 2001, 2002, 2006), Nezahualcóyotl Hall (2001), Ollín Yoliztli Hall (2000), in the “Auditorio Nacional” (2001, 2008, 2009), and the Castle of Chapultepec (2007). The choir has also toured the Mexican Republic sponsored by CONACULTA (2002, 2003), and sung in Bogota, Colombia.

Throughout its existence, the choir has also recorded six CDs , performed for radio and television programs, recorded a song for a movie produced in New York in 2002, and participated in big productions such as Carmina Burana (2008, 2009). Moreover, “Les Chanteurs” have performed for various Heads of State: The Presidents of France Jacques Chirac (2002) and Nicolas Sarkozy (2009), the French Prime Minister (2004), and the Hereditary Prince of Belgium (2003).

During its tour around France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg in July 2008, the choir was named Honorary Choir of the Cathedral of Chartres.

In 2009, the choir recorded various songs for the Mexican movie Regresa, by the well known director Alejandro González, as well as the Teleton song (for the third time), and participated four times in Carmina Burana.


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